Being a Product Distributor today means needing to be able to efficiently handle orders from multitude of clients, each with their own method and format of presenting the information.  And very few clients have the ability to provide the information in the computer readable file without requiring them to adopt new, time-consuming processes.  The result is that more often than not, the Distributor has to manually process and keypunch the order information into their order inventory or accounting systems.

Reducing the costs and inefficiencies caused by this redundant data entry requires increasing the percent of orders that are received for upload directly into the Distributor's computer.  The alternative is the continuation of manual data entry. 

The question is how to do it. 

Any solution must satisfy two criteria.  First, it must recognize that a client is unlikely to implement a process that generates an electronic file solely to make the life of their Distributor easier.  There must be a benefit to them.  Second, the solution needs to integrate into a client's processes and abilities.  Requiring additional work will make any solution a hard sell.

EC Dynamics satisfies both criteria.  First, the client benefits by reducing the time and effort required to generate and provide an order.  Since collecting and providing data for the purpose of placing an order is a cost, simplifying the process while improving efficiency and accuracy will benefit the client.  We meet the second criteria by recognizing that the "one-size-fits-all" approach does not work and that any particular solution can address only a fraction of the prospective users.  Instead, we provide a suite of data collection and distribution options.  Ranging from ODBC links directly into a client's database, to the ability to process PDF files to a range of manual data options, we work with Distributors to identify and implement solutions that fit their client's needs.

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