No Electronic Data Available

Client Description:

The client is a manufacturer and distributor of proprietary diesel, gasoline and alternative fueled engine catalysts and muffler systems.


To reduce the amount of data entry required to produce Customs and OGA required forms.  The client did not have the ability to generate a PDF of the shipment information, or to generate an importable data file.

Ability to Provide Data Electronically:

Very Limited.  Many of the data elements required by Customs were not available in the client's computer systems.

Solution Implemented:

The EDI-Link - PDF Forms Fill.

Solution Details:

The requirement was to reduce the redundant data entry involved in generating the shipping information for the Customs Broker and carriers. Their existing technology and processes required the user to enter the same information onto separate ProForma Invoices and NAFTA Certificates.

The solution was to create a single data entry template as a saveable PDF.  Default values are stored in the template, so the user only needs to enter variable shipment information.  Once the form is filled, the user clicks the "Send" button on the form.  This step sends the data on the form to the EC Dynamics WebServer.  From there, several things happen automatically:

  • The ProForma/Commercial Invoice and NAFTA Certificate(s) are created and saved as a PDF file.  The NAFTA Certificate is only generated if the specific product line contains a NAFTA related field;
  • The PDF file is emailed to authorized parties.  This allows the parties to receive the required forms without the user needing to send a separate email;
  • A computer readable and importable file is generated.  The file is in the format and delivered in the manner required by each individual recipient;
  • The data file is provided to the Customs Broker for importing into their ABI or Cadex system.  This eliminates the redundant data entry.  The Customs Broker reviews the information received.  Once the file is ready, the Broker submits the file to Customs.