EDI-Link: Print Driver
Start using your existing forms as sources of electronic data.

Many times, the information that needs to be captured and shared already exists in the forms and reports that a company is generating.

Rather than forcing companies to change processes in order to electronically capture data, EDI-Link: Print Driver works by pulling data directly from documents that companies are already using, with the goal of minimal disruption to existing day-to-day operations.  The use of EDI-Link: Print Driver allows companies to create the data sets required by their trading partners without changing their existing processes.

Once the data is captured electronically, the resulting files can be electronically distributed to authorized parties, in the formats and file types required.  In addition, the data can be imported into internal systems and databases for in-house use.

What types of forms can be processed?
  • YOUR Forms
Imagine being able to create a computer readable data file simply by printing a form or report.  The EDI-Link: Print Driver does exactly that by capturing the data from the forms and providing it is a ready to use computer file.

Users are not required to change internal operations, as current forms are used.  Each customer can use multiple, custom forms.

Click Here to submit a PDF file for conversion to data.  If you cannot create a PDF file of the form you would like to test, download the EDI-Link: Print Driver, and install the "Demo" mode.

  • INCOMING Forms
Imagine being able to electronically receive and process the information contained on the forms you are currently receiving.  Purchase Orders,  Pick Lists, Vendor Orders, Warehouse Receipts, Financial Transactions, Shipment Details, Etc..  The list is endless.

Currently companies receiving forms via fax and email attachment must enter that information into their internal applications the old fashioned way; by the redundant, error-prone and costly keypunching of information.  EDI-Link: Print Driver eliminates this by capturing the data from the forms and providing it is a ready to use computer file.

Users are not required to change internal operations, as clients will continue to submit their current foms.  Each customer can use multiple, custom forms.

Incoming PDF files are often received as email attachments.  Using the EDI-Link: Connect solution allows a company to generate a computer file compatible with their needs simply by forwarding the PDF to the EC Dynamics web server.  The data will be captured and sent back in the format and method required by the user.  For more information on this option, click Here.

Click Here to submit a PDF file for conversion to data.

What if the forms don't contain all the necessary information?

Through the use of External Databases, additional information can be stored and automatically retrieved from the databases and included in the final file(s). This prevents the source documents from having to include all required information. The accuracy of the data that is maintained in the external databases is the responsibility of the individual parties, including the Shipper, Importer of Record and/or the Customs Broker. EC Dynamics does not enter or provide the data.

How the EDI-Link: Print Driver works
The Print Driver is installed on the local PC.  Once installed, the Print Driver appears in the list of available printers.  To use the Print Driver, the user simply selects it rather than their usual printer.

Once selected, the Print Driver dialogue window appears.  The user clicks the "Submit" button and the following happens:
  • A PDF file of the form(s) being printed is generated and automatically sent to the EC Dynamics web server
  • If appropriate, the data is extracted from the PDF file and saved on the web server.  From there the information is formatted and forwarded to the authorized recipients.
  • If appropriate, copies of the PDF are automatically forwarded by email to authorized recipients.
Click Here for a view and more detailed explanation of the Print Driver screen.
Click Here for to learn more about using EDI-Link to distribute PDF files.

Click Here to learn more about using EDI-Link to extract and distribute data.

In addition to the Print Driver, the EDI-Link Suite of solutions provides other methods of capturing and distributing data.
  • Express - Provides the ability to edit the data prior to submitting for capture and distribution.
  • Connect - Supply the PDF files via email or web upload.
  • Manual - A manual data entry system that uses a single input form to gather information, then generates forms and distributes data.