About Us
Who We Are

EC Global Dynamics, Inc. is a forward thinking company established to expand on the promise of electronic data interchange (EDI).  Using the Internet as the backbone of the communications system, EC Global Dynamics develops and implements software applications that handle the electronic distribution of data between all authorized parties.

EC Global Dynamics takes a unique approach to electronic commerce:
  • Desktop and web based applications that use the Internet to distribute transaction data
  • Software applications for both the sender and receiver of data
  • Variety of methods of capturing and maximizing the value of information
  • Custom applications designed to meet the specific needs of users
  • Ability to link all parties in the supply chain
  • Various levels of Complexity and Functionality
  • Use of "knowledge partners" to identify and design for specific industries

Mission Statement

EC Global Dynamics' mission is to provide end to end Electronic Commerce Services that deliver a common way for businesses to exchange product information and transactions over the Internet.  Our open ended and private Business to Business Market Place Exchanges make it possible for organizations to network with their customers, vendors, dealers, agents, branches and franchises, resulting in a more efficient Supply Chain that is both user-specific and trading Partner dynamic with the same Electronic Commerce Service.

Canadian Inquiries: 416-447-2001
US Inquiries: 716-694-7190