Password/User ID

The E-Business Mailbox generates, stores and assigns this Security Tag in a company profile as part of the Registration routine. It is used as a Participant Authentication Code and acts as a filter to protect both the Vendor and Shopper. Purchase Orders sent by Shopper's to Vendors contain this unique Shopper Code plus the information contained in the Shopper's Set up File. For added security Vendors can assign an additional validation or account code to each shopper that is posted to the EDI mailbox. The two codes are linked and subsequent orders reflect the new combined number. The Desk Shoppe?'s Purchase Order Receive routine helps Vendors distinguish between new Shoppers and ones that have been previously validated. Shopper information is displayed so that it can be compared to previous submissions. Alterations in Shopper Profile can therefore be detected. This gives Vendors an opportunity to validate Customer POs, and protect the Customer/Vendor relationship.

Dial Out

Our Dial Out method guarantees SECURITY.

Global Information Exchange? Participants use Dial Out connections only, insuring that your data is both secured and available. Files are stored and managed behind your firewalls and do not require that you provide access to your client server. There are no hidden downloads such as unwanted probing "Cookies".

It is not uncommon for hackers to break into public servers and access the private files of hundreds of corporate subscribers. Storing and managing your company's private files on a third party server does not assure security. Third Party servers often "Go Down" and lock you out of your data.

Protected Files

The E-Business Mailbox provides a firewall between Trading Partners. The software generates files in a specific way and the mailbox validates these files before placing them into your mailbox. Files are rejected when they do not adhere to certain pre-set rules. It is not possible for executable files such as viruses and cookies to be passed through the mailbox to your desktop.


The addressing and delivery method between your desktop and the E-Business Mailbox Server ensures that your transactions can not be observed or intercepted by an unwanted third party.

Product/Shopper Validation

Filters can be activated and linked to transactions addressed to your Mailbox. Their function is to ensure that products are correctly associated in your Catalogue Databases. Various actions can be initiated:
  • The transaction can be transferred to a different address such as a Customer Service Representative.
  • An action email can be generated and sent to one or more recipients.
  • The transaction can be held until the recipient chooses to download it manually.
  • Suggest an action to suite your needs.

Transfers to Other Servers

Files addressed to your account (Mailbox) are callable using the Desk Shoppe or other specific applications. The Mailbox can be instructed to convert the file structure to suit your Server's needs and transfer the data automatically or when called.

Data Recovery

Data is automatically backed up and securely stored and is available in the event of catastrophic loss.