EDI-Link Suite

EDI-Link is a different way of thinking about the capture and distribution of data.

Rather than forcing companies to change processes in order to electronically capture data, EDI-Link works by pulling data directly from documents or computer files that companies are already using, with the goal of minimal disruption to existing day-to-daty operations.  The use of EDI-Link allows companies to create the data sets required by Customs, brokers, truckers and more.

Once the data is captured electronically, the resulting files can be electronically distributed to authorized parties, in the formats and file types required.  In addition, the data can be imported into internal systems and databases for in-house use.

EDI-Link satisfies several goals:

                 Simplifying and streamlining the data collection process.

                 Creating a computer readable data file containing information about the shipment and products.
 faxes from the shipper to the Broker and the subsequent keypunching.

             Minimizing the amount of operational change required by the shipper.

 In addition to distributing computer readable files, EDI-Link also:

Allows the user to print and/or save a local copy of ANY PDF document.

Posts a copy of the PDF document to the web for access by authorized users. 

Sends an email with a copy of the PDF document and the URL of the PDF document on the web.


Data can be captured in several different methods:

As the document or file is being printed;

By emailing a PDF file;

By emailing an Excel or other computer readable file;

By posting the file via the EC Global EDI-Link upload page.



Through the use of External Databases, associated information (i.e. Price, Tariff, Country of Origin, Producer, etc.) can be stored and automatically retrieved from the databases and included in the final shipment file(s).  This prevents the source documents or files from having to include all required information.  The accuracy of the data that is maintained in the external databases is the responsibility of the Shipper, Importer of Record and/or the Customs Broker.  EC Global Dynamics does not enter or provide the data.

The user has the option of assigning additional fields to the computer file.  These include the Entry Number, PAPS or PARS number, Port of Arrival and internal document number.

 Click Here to see a sample of the EDI-Link screen.