VINS (Vehicle Importation Network System)

VINS is the industry leading software application used by companies importing or exporting motor vehicles to the US.

VINS automates the data collection and processing of paperwork required to move vehicles to the US while combining database flexibility with many functions required by users. These features include:

  • Single input screen to capture all vehicle data;
  • Electronic distribution of vehicle information to authorized parties;
  • Automatic decoding of the VIN number to auto-fill vehicle specific data (including make, model, year, and manufacturer);
  • Easy editing of any record;
  • Ability to create and electronically transmit vehicle data to the US D.O.T., via the customs broker;
  • A powerful print function that produces the forms required by US Customs, the D.O.T, EPA and Revenue Canada;
  • Ability to produce and print the DOT Bond and Recall Warranty Policies;
  • Ability to create customized reports using over 100 data fields;
  • Storage of an unlimited number of Buyers and Exporters.


Program Customization

In keeping with our goal of meeting the needs of specific users, VINS has been customized for several users. Examples of customizations include:

    • Addition of unique data fields to meet data collection requirements;
    • Addition of unique output forms;
    • Development of custom input screens;
    • Linking VINS data directly with other applications;
    • Creation of customer invoices.