FDA Requirements and PNN's

Client Description:

The client is an exporter of spices and other food products.  Many of the items originate in a third country.


To provide a method of obtaining the FDA Prior Notice Number without using the FDA web portal.  The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) requires the assigning of a Prior Notice Number (PNN) to each food product on a shipment prior to the a shipment being accepted into the US. The use of the FDA web portal, though usable for small shippers, is cumbersome and requires a large amount of manual and repetitive data entry.

Ability to Provide Data Electronically:

The client does not have an electronic source of shipment information.  Shipments are processed from paper-based orders.

Solution Implemented:

The TranSendIT program

Solution Details:

The TranSendIT program is a complete and flexible "Export Shipment Processing Service" that provides the means to create, manage and share shipment data across the supply-chain.

Through a use of a simple to understand input screen and multiple drop down boxes and databases, the user is able to build a shipment "manually".

For shippers of food products, TranSendIT uses user-maintained external databases to store product related fields, including the FDA producer information. When a product is selected for shipping, the FDA related fields are automatically retrieved from the database and included in the data file provided to the broker's ABI system. The Broker reviews the file and submits it to US Customs. Upon receipt of the data file, US Customs forwards a file to the FDA. Since the producer and other information is provided in the file, FDA is able to automatically assign the PNN's to the various food products and returns a file containing the PNN's to Customs. From there the file is pushed back to the Broker's ABI system, and then backwards to the authorized TranSendIT installations.