Only Minimal Data is Available

Client Description:

The client is a Distributor of electronic media, such as DVD's, CD's, LP's, tapes and the like.  The client deals with a wide variety of suppliers throughout the US and Canada


Due to the large number of small suppliers, it is difficult to obtain the necessary information when generating orders.  The challenge was to design a solution that augments the minimal data a shipper is able to provide with the additional data required by Customs, so that the Broker receives a more complete data file.

Ability to Provide Data Electronically:

The only electronic data available to the Client is a barebones Excel file containing limited information.

Solution Implemented:

The EDI-Link - File Import

Solution Details:

The Client emails the excel file to the EC Dynamics WebServer.  Since the file contains minimal information, extensive use of External Databases is made.  Each media type has a code (i.e. CD, DVD, LP,  EP, VHS, etc.).  The product database is used to store a product description and HS Tariff for each product code.

The supplier database is used to store the address of each supplier.  This database is used to determine the country of origin.  An email is generated and sent if the supplier is missing from the database. 

  • Generates a computer readable and importable file.  The file is in the format and delivered in the manner required by each individual recipient;
  • Distributes the data file to the Customs Broker for importing into their Cadex system.  This eliminates the redundant data entry.  The Customs Broker reviews the information received, and once the file is ready, submits the file to Customs.