EDI Link Connect - Easily convert your PDF to XML and PDF to EDI and eliminate data entry

What is EDI Link Connect?
  • EDI Link is a tool that eliminates data entry for your company. You simply email your PDF Purchase Orders,Invoices or other documents to our website and it will immediately email you back an e-file compatible with your Order Entry, Accounting system or custom built program.
  • PDFs can be from any program (Excel, Quickbooks, Simply Accounting, ACCPAC, Business Vision, SAP, Filemaker, or Custom built program). Any program works.
  • Simply ask your clients/customers to send a PDF instead of a fax and you're ready to go.
  • Works on Purchase Orders, Reports, Forms, Bills, Invoices, statements, Shipping Notices, Proformas etc... If you receive it by PDF, we can convert it.
  • So simple you don't even need your techie to help you set it up.
Email with PDF to be converted to XML attached.
e-mail forwarded to EDI Link with customer's PDF.
How does it get into Quick Books,Excel,your custom program etc...?
  • Within 1 minute you have a data file emailed to you ready to import into Excel,Your Order Entry,Accounting or other system, saving you hours of data entry time.
  • Links to Quickbooks, Simply Accounting, Navision, Fishbowl, SAP, Kewill, EDITrade,Business Vision and many more.
  • 100% accurate. Completely automated.
  • Perfect for going EDI with your customer & suppliers at a fraction of the cost. E-invoice ready in days not months.
  • PDFs can be converted to Excel, XML, CSV, TSV, TXT, IFF, X12 or your custom format.
  • Go paperless & be environmentally friendly.
  • Can be used with any volume of customer.
  • Anyone can be trained and ready to go in minutes. Free Trial.
e-mail received with PDF converted to XML file attached.
e-mail received with PDF converted to XML file attached.

11891439 documents processed to date and counting!
Currently used by Distributors, Customs Brokers, Logistics companies, Vehicle importers
Chemical Analysis labs, Accountants, Government, Manufacturing Plants and more...

Frequenty Asked Questions (FAQ):
Q: Can I use this to automate my incoming PDF Invoices,Purchase Orders, Bills, etc? I would like to go "EDI".
A: Absolutely, this is a wonderful solution to finally automating any of your incoming documents. Traditional EDI is a very expensive and involved process that can take months or years and a lot of changes. EDI Link will allow you to "go EDI" within days - usually with nothing to install. E-invoicing is very popular these days, so we have great solutions for Quickbooks,Sage 50, Great Plains, Business Vision and more.
Q: I send out PDF Invoices by email regularly to my customers. How can I help my customers go EDI with me?
A: Its very simple. You add a few lines to the email you send out, and a link to download our free conversion tool. Once your client receives the email, they can push the Invoice into Quickbooks, Sage 50, or Great Plains in one click right from within Adobe PDF Reader at no charge. This is a great for customer retention. For a limited time we are offering this service for free to both sender and receiver! Please upload your PDF below and we will get back to you.
Q: I would like to convert my Invoice or Purchase Order PDF to XML or PDF to EDI for my ERP system. Will this work?
A: Yes, converting PDF to XML (and PDF to EDI) is a common request. We can setup your PDF in about a couple days and at that point you can convert your PDFs to XML quickly , accurately, and easily.
Q: I have a lot of PDFs so email will not work well. Do you support FTP/AS2/EDI etc>?
A: Yes, email is just one of the ways we allow customers to convert PDFs. We support FTP, AS2, EDI, SFTP, HTTP and more. We are here to help, just tell us what you need.
Q: Is this really 100% automated? How does your system "know" how to read a document intelligently. Is it secure?
A: Yes, this service is 100% automated and secure. Each document we process needs a "template" which we create for you that knows how to read the document. Once the template is ready, you can immediately start using it. Templates can also add/modify and change data as its read. Just ask us. Yes, its that easy.
Q: I'm not a big company, and I'm not very technical. Am I going to have to hire an IT person to do this?
A: Our clients range from very small companies to large international organizations. If you truly want to eliminate your data entry, upload a PDF below and give us a try. Its simple enough for anyone to use, we truly mean that.
Q: I see a lot of PDF Converter tools on the web, how is yours different?
A: The other tools you will find on the web are for grabbing data off a PDF without regard for any kind of logical layout, so not much different than hilighting the text and pasting it into MS word. Our tool is a professional grade converter that will deliver you the exact file you need, not just a jumble of words.

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